You said your New Years resolution was to get organized...?


Well, here it is! Just do these 3 tidy things every day and you're sure to have a more organized 2016. It's that easy.

  1. Make your bed. This is so obvious for tidiness and will become second nature after a month or so. Doooo it.
  2. Hang, launder or fold your clothing at the end of each day. You know that mound of clothing on your floor? That's so 2015 and you're done with that. Tending to your clothing as you take it off is a sure way to avoid a pileup. Just think: 'hang, launder, or fold' and you're sure to stay on track.
  3. Place your keys in a designated area. I don't care if you have a fancy hook or catch-all by your entryway. Searching for your keys is frustrating and will keep you stuck in that messy mindset. Get in the habit of placing your keys down in the same place at the end of each day and you'll know just where to find them as you're leaving your house the next day.

You're going to be so organized that you won't even realize it! I'm excited for you. xoxo.