Fall Cleaning is a Thing Too


You wait all year for spring cleaning, eh? You even set aside a couple of days to go through all of your life's possessions and get rid of things that don't do it for you anymore. I support you! But guess what. Fall is a perfect time to do a clean sweep, too. So turn on some Beach Boys and let's simultaneously cry that the summer is over and get kinda excited that it's sweater weather again. Here are some things to focus on during your Fall Cleaning:

1) Be honest about what you wore this past summer. If there was something that you tried on over and over again and simply hated, say goodbye! You won't have time for those shenanigans in summer 2016 so you may as well free up extra space.

2) Do some closet rotations. For example, your shortie shorts no longer have to be in arm's reach and can be replaced by pants. Or you can swap those fabulous bathing suits for your collection of tights. Because who isn't psyched to be putting on tights when the weather used to call for bikinis?!

3) Prep your boot collection.Boot shapers are a MUST if you want to keep winter boots from falling all over the place and bending out of shape. Plug 'em up and line 'em up nicely by your front door or at the bottom of a closet.

4) Create a home for accessories like gloves, hats and scarves.Hooks on the back of your closet door will be a great landing area for scarves and extra layers. And set aside some shelf room in your front closet to place a bin for other accessories. Do your best to place items where they belong when you get home. Otherwise you'll be left with a single glove and no one wants that.

Now go jump in a pile of leaves!