Tidiness by the hour

the process

We begin with an in-home consultation to triage the situation and discuss your goals. I make sure you have all organization tools (like bins and shoe racks) before coming back. Then, the fun begins! We work together to create systems tailored to your needs. Each and every item will have a designated “home” and we’ll find storage areas that you didn’t even know existed. You’ll be set with an organized baseline so you can always bring things back there when life happens.


wardrobe overhaul and closet organization

Together, we’ll say goodbye to the clothing that’s no longer serving you and put the rest away in a beautifully organized fashion. Pun intended.


space maximization

It's important to consider how to put things away. We work together to find a proper home for each item, maximize the storage space and make everything easy-to-access.



Don't let your belongings bog you down! We’ll decide what you need to save and how you can reduce pile-ups and excess. Then, we create systems for storing what remains. Thrift shops, consignment shops and recycling bins will become our best friends.



Moving doesn’t have to be scary. I find the best way to unpack into your new space, creating an organized baseline that you can maintain. 


Offices and Paper Management

You can be your best and most efficient self when your office and paperwork is streamlined. We’ll create systems that can be maintained by anyone on your team so you can tackle that to-do list.