How to #UnburdenYourBathroom


Maintaining order and cleanliness in your bathroom is no joke. After all, this landmark is often small but one of the most important places in your home. It’s where you go to take care of business and spruce yourself up so it’s important that your bathroom makes you feel good, comfortable and at ease. As a Professional Organizer, I am super keen on making sure that every part of your life and surroundings is streamlined and neat. So say goodbye to the days of products toppling out of your medicine cabinet, a myriad of toiletries you didn’t even know you had and a space so crammed that brushing your teeth is a suffocating experience. Here are my tips on how to unburden your bathroom and pave the way for impeccable tidiness!

  • Monitor what goes in there. Store onlywhat you use often in your medicine cabinet, bathroom drawers and under your sink. Since this space is limited, avoid overloading it with products that you don’t even use or like. If your bathroom isn’t too big, avoid keeping back-ups and doubles inside it altogether and things will feel nice and spacious.
  • Keep your most-often used items together and most accessible. To help you stick to your daily routine, keep the products that you use every day together and on one of the lower shelves in your medicine cabinet. And if you’re trying to add something to your regimen (like flossing, for example), this is a great way to make sure it’s incorporated!
  • Stay on top of expiration dates. Make sure your products stay fresh and in use and check for expired items every three months. It may be hard to conquer the guilt and attachment that comes along with purging, but you’ll feel awesome when it’s done and the process is cathartic – I promise! When it comes to makeup, don’t forget that these products expire too. A Stowaway kit, which is designed to be used up before it expires, is the perfect solution for avoiding crusty buildup and creating a graveyard of unused makeup.
  • Take advantage of all storage areas. Add hooks behind your bathroom door and install shelves on empty walls to maximize space and avoid overfilling each area. Clear containers are perfect for keeping smaller and loose items, like nail files or tweezers, together in your medicine cabinet.
  • Replace your shower curtain for an instant bathroom facelift. When you notice water stains and mold growing on your shower curtain, invest in a new one or throw yours in the washing machine and hang to dry. An easy and quick tidiness fix!
  • Keep your active-towel quantity reasonable. An overload of towels can clutter up your bathroom so stick to a couple of hand towels and one body towel per person at a time. Invest in high-quality, ultra-absorbent and quick-drying towels from Snowe and say goodbye to that moldy smell that cheap towels acquire after one use. You will thank yourself!
  • Don’t allow essentials to run out. There’s nothing worse than finishing up one of your essentials and having no replacement handy. Subscribe to services like Stowaway and Lola to ensure that your basics are covered and you won’t be left without them. And a used-to-the-core toothbrush can ruin your bathroom’s entire clean vibe, so join a service like Boka that will replace your toothbrush four times or a year with no effort on your part.
  • Wipe down your sink and counter daily. Keep disposable wipes handy (under the sink is a great place) so you can quickly wipe down bathroom surfaces and maintain cleanliness. Take time once a week to do a more thorough cleaning that includes the floor, toilet, shower and mirror. Make sure to pump up some music beforehand to keep you going.
  • Use a shower caddy. To reduce mold growth and cases of fallen soap bars, store your shower toiletries in a hanging caddy. It will help keep everything organized and easy to see. Minimize the amount of products open at once – that means one shampoo at a time!
  • Keep your bathroom Zen. Place a candle, like this amazing one from Snowe, and pack of matches on a shelf or behind your toilet to add some freshness and décor. And when it comes time for some bathtub relaxation, light it up and take a moment to appreciate how good you feel in your tidy space. Remember that an excess of candles will turn into clutter so only use one a time.