How to Simplify Your Life ASAP


Living a simpler life means more time for productivity and to do the things that you want to be doing. It's not a sacrifice or commitment to make your life boring or anything gross like that. And there's an obvious "simplicity spectrum" that exists which means that you can decide where you want to fall on that! So if you've had enough and want to jump on the SIMPLE bandwagon, here are a few ways to make it happen pronto - listed in order from I-need-to-clear-my-mind-a-bit to I-may-as-well-live-in-a-forest. 

1) Unsubscribe from junk emails. Fewer emails flowing into your life means less headache and stress. Instead of just deleting emails that you have no interest in opening, unsubscribe from the mailing list and you'll thank yourself in the future. 

2) Put away any duplicate products from your shower. Keep the items in your shower down to a minimum and stick to one type of every product. That means one shampoo, one body wash, one face wash, etc. Variety can be fun but excess will cause clutter and too much potential for mess and falling soap bars.

3) Purge old school notes and magazine cut outs. Since the likelihood of you referring to old information or past inspiration is minimal to non-existent, be brave and say goodbye. It's scary to admit that something once important no longer is, but the catharsis or ridding these items from your life is unbeatable. Be ruthless!

4) Wear a uniform. Simplifying your wardrobe will steer you clear of decision fatigue and give you so much extra time in the morning. Imagine waking up and putting on what you wore yesterday - or a variation of it. Total bliss! Try limiting your wardrobe to a few garments for a week and see how you feel. Next stop: monk status?