A Guide to Spring Cleaning

IT'S HERE and you should admit that you've got the tidiness bug because, Spring! And if you're feeling the least bit overwhelmed and not sure how to best channel that urge, I've got you. So without further ado, Tidy T's Guide to Spring Cleaning:

  1. Create small, attainable goals. Instead of looking at your entire space as a massive unruly clump that you want to conquer, break the overall mission into small tasks. Start with the area that you're most excited about. Or choose a category that feels exciting to work with (maybe those sweaters since winter just ended and now you know which ones you weren't into). Hit one goal at a time and take as many rejuvenation breaks as you need. 
  2. Attack without mercy. Get into the fearless mindset and stay there. That means no "buts," "maybes" and lame excuses for holding on to items that you know you shouldn't. I can guarantee that you will feel better the more true you stay true to the clean out goal. If something has been collecting dust and taking up precious space but serves no purpose in your life, let it go. No mercy!
  3. Say goodbye to multiples. Holding on to tons of "backup, just-in-case" belongings is unnecessary and a recipe for drowning in possessions. Those items that don't deserve multiples (appliances, kitchen serving platters, specialty clothing - you get it) can kindly step away. I know it's hard and scary but be brave.
  4. If it's ruined, chuck it. Don't get me started on the dangers of holding on to items that are broken, stained, or ruined. They will bring negativity into your life. Furreal. So cut the cord and spare yourself. 
  5. Embrace the catharsis. Spring cleaning can be scary and bittersweet. It's not easy to let go of things that were once special or that cost you a lot (or not a lot) of money. But the good will outweigh the anxieties and the sound of those trash bags hitting the bottom of the trash can is invaluable. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling! Write about it in your journal and stuff!