When Is It Time to Throw Something Out?


You've got stuff and more stuff and maybe even more stuff. You know that the first step towards getting organized is going through it all and getting rid of the things that deserve the boot. "Purge," "declutter," "send to the trash." Umm...ok. But what does all of that mean, anyway? It's the age old question and will be answered today! Here are some pro tips for deeming items unnecessary and therefore sending them to the trash (or compost or recycling):

1) It's broken and can't be fixed/isn't worth fixing. It's time to say goodbye to those damaged things that you've been too scared to admit are trash. They are bogging you down! You know they'll never be the same again or spending the money to repair them simply isn't worth it. Goodbye.

2) You hate it. That piece of clothing that you try time and time again to wear but simply reject every time? Ya, that guy can be let go of. And that platter that your aunt got you as a housewarming gift but you refuse to serve food on and have hidden in the depths of the kitchen? Ya, that goes too. Donate them if they're in viable condition. Sayonara!

3) It's no longer inspiring or special. Why surround yourself with things that feel sub-par? There's no reason to keep something only because it was dear to you in the past. So let go of sentimental items or tchotchkes that are no longer special. And clothing that feels blah? See ya!

4) You might need it one day for a costume. No, no, no! Golden rule is that we don't hold on to things just for the sake of potential costumes. It just ain't happening. Adios.


Tidy TovaComment