Help! I'm Having a Baby!


I'm not gonna lie, nesters are my favorite demographic to work with. Those pregnant women: so eager to get their homes in order and rid anything that comes in their way. Unstoppable tidiers! So if you're having a baby, congrats (!!) and I'm willing to bet that you've been thinking hard about where everything is going to go. I gotchyoo covered with some standard baby-prep tips:

1) Clear a shelf for diapers and wipes inventory. The fear of not having a diaper is real so you'll undoubtedly have lots of backup in the house. Make sure it all has a place to go! Empty out a shelf in your linen closet or in the incoming baby's closet. If that ain't happening, you can invest in a simple free-standing shelving unit and store it on a small wall or next to the changing table.

2) Think about gear storage. Babies comes with lots of stuff so mentally prepare for it all. Utilize the backs of doors by adding hooks that can be used for a baby carrier, bag with stroller parts, or rain cover. Take advantage of closet floor space for bigger items like carseats or play mats between uses. Clear as much space as you can before baby's arrival!

3) Prep with some drawer dividers. Since baby clothing are so teeny-tiny, drawer dividers will help keep the mini socks separate from the mini bibs and mini onesies. Because as you know, we always separate items by type so they're easy to find.

4) Allocate a kitchen cabinet for bottles and baby food gear. Although bottles will constantly be drying on the countertop, designate a shelf in the kitchen to put them away. This may mean getting rid of some of your excess water bottles or mason jars so be prepared.

5) Take advantage of wall space. Floating book shelves are great for adding some extra baby storage. Load them up with books or some picture frames to add joy and personality to baby's room once they arrive.

Now all you have to do is prep yourself for giving birth. YOU GOT THIS!

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