Why You Should Do Things Sooner Than Later


Procrastination is real and I get it. As much as I thrive off efficiency and getting s*** done, sometimes there are tasks that are so utterly unattractive and gross that it’s hard to approach them with a ten foot pole. It’s not until there’s a fire burning that it’ll get checked off of the to-do list. But once it’s done, damn that feels good! With that being said, I’m here today to argue why it’s always better to take care of things sooner than later and to help you do just that. So get your to-do lists out and let’s conquer!

1) Remove the weight of an unfinished task. A list of things that you have to do is a real threat and heavy thing to carry around. The longer things go ignored or undone, the longer they drag behind you and slow you down. It may sound mystical but trust me on this one. I’m tired just thinking about it.

2) Take action immediately! Whether you write the necessary task on a to-do list or actually knock it out right then and there, take a step towards progress ASAP.  Insert reward here.

3) You don’t want to forget. How many times have you gone upstairs to take care of something and come back down realizing that you forgot to do that very thing that you set off to take care of? Maybe you got distracted or maybe it just plain slipped the mind. Keep in mind that the sooner you execute, the less room for forgetting. We ain’t got time for that.

4) Real-time is the best time for emails. Although it may make you look super uncool, answer your emails as soon as you get them. This way they’ll be less likely to slip through the cracks and fall into the black hole that is your inbox.

5) More things are just around the bend. Uh huuuuh. That's right. Those tasks aren't disappearing so the fewer you take care of today, the longer your list will get tomorrow. Get it?

So get on it! You can do it!

Tidy TovaComment