How to Un-Summer Your Home


I don't mean to be the Grinch Who Stole Summer here but it's ending, guys. Slowly but surely. The days are getting shorter and teachers have sent out their supply lists. It's totally ok to be in denial (it keeps you safe!) but I want you to be prepared for what's ahead. And that includes shifting out of summer mode and into fall mode. Which may mean school for some of us but definitely means no more bathing suits for most of us. How exciting!?

I'm all about using changes in the calendar, milestones in life, or physical moves as opportunities to start fresh. Take advantage of that clean slate! So a new season means closing the chapter on the last and making your life a whole lot better and tidier. Because it's always about tidiness.

Call your friends together for a cry fest, say goodbye to the summer and do these things:

1) Edit the summer part of your wardrobe. No more excuses - it's time to consider what you did and didn't wear this season and purge the things that simply didn't do it for you. I like to get into the mindset of: "I didn't want to wear this in 2017, I'm not gonna want to wear it in 2018." GOODBYE.

2) Buy a new notebook to jot down your to-dos. A new notebook basically means a new life so treat yourself to something that feels like a winning size and is pretty enough to want to use. Instead of keeping multiple to-do lists on various papers strewn around your life, keep a master list handy and worship it!

3) Swap out summery items for less summery items. You can wait until the weather has finally changed, obviously, but the end of the summer means the shorts head to the back of your closet and the sweaters come back to the forefront. Change around your clothing to make the items that you wear the most, accessible and place seasonal pieces in deeper storage. Bathing suits become heavy socks. Tank tops suddenly grow sleeves. You get it.

4) Wipe down seasonal items before putting them away. Fight the Laziness Bug and make sure to properly store the things that you won't see again until next year. Keep textiles safe by storing them in plastic containers and clean any lawn furniture or pool toys before they head to the attic until next year. Because one less layer of dirt and grime means a longer lifetime overall. 

5) Clean out your fridge and freezer. Maybe you've still got July 4th BBQ leftovers in the back of your fridge. No judgement! (Kinda). Use the shift in season as an excuse to give your fridge and freezer a deep clean and throw away anything suspicious. There's simply no reason to test fate and eat something that you shouldn't.

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