How Organizing Your Space Will Make You a Happier, More Productive Person


They say that the best things in life are free. So...ya. Tidiness. Not only does being organized make your life so much easier, it tastes better than Kool Aid and is more free than NYC tap water. A whole slew of things happen when you get tidy and I know this because I help people tidy up their homes and lives every day. But today I want to focus on two of those priceless benefits: happiness and increased productivity. You'll feel a spike in both of those and here are some reasons why:

1) More tidiness means less time looking for stuff. Research on the internet says that we spend between 16-55 minutes a day looking for things (believe what you choose). But guess what? If your space is organized and everything has a home, that means less time on the prowl and therefore less frustration and more time to be productive.

2) Being organized makes you feel lighter and more free. Proven time and time again by my clients, decluttering and saying goodbye to items that you don't want leads to feelings of clarity and weightlessness. "I feel like I lost twenty pounds!" says everyone, always. If that ain't happy, I don't know what is.

3) Tidy space, tidy mind. Organized chaos is absolutely real but that doesn't work for everyone. If a disorganized space makes you feel anxious, tired, bogged down, or out of sorts, then changing your physical surroundings will change the mess in your mind. And then you can conquer the world!

4) Your roommate/spouse/partner/cat will appreciate it. If you're the messy kid around, that may be hard for the other people interacting with your space. So tidying it up can lead to relationship happiness, harmony and bliss. 

Try it.

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