Vital Organs

For years, scientists and doctors have been saying that there are five vital organs in the human body - the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys and liver. We've all learned that these imperative parts are an essential part of life and what keeps us living day-to-day. Countless years and decades have been spent learning how our bodies function and dubbing the vital organs based on that knowledge. But there's a vital organ that's been forgotten all of these years. And that is, obviously, organization. It's strange that this essential organ has fallen through the cracks especially considering ITS NAME. But I'm here today to introduce this new vital organ and explain just why organization is the new kid on the block, #6. Just like the heart pumps blood through our veins, organization is a key element in a human's day-to-day function. Without it, we waste time searching for lost goods, buying items we already have, and blaming our friends for stealing books that we actually accidentally left at their homes. Organization is what keeps our minds in check and our belongings tidy. It is ESSENTIAL for functioning and staying sane in this ever-changing world.

I have been lucky enough to witness organization replacing disorganization, or a "transplant," as I call it. It's remarkable to see the transformation that occurs when a healthy organ, organization, sets into place. A weight lifts off the room, a calm enters the space and there are practically doves hovering above. Modern day science can really be incredible, eh?!

Now that you can further understand the importance of organization, I want you to treat it with respect and honor. Don't abuse those organs. And while you're at it, don't forget to become an organ donor. You can read my brother-in-law's story for some inspiration.