Ten Second Tidiness: Drawer Closing

Here's an organizing trick that will take you ten seconds, is painless, and will give your space a major face lift.


I'm well aware that not everyone has a uniform like I do and getting dressed in the morning can involve a frenzied scramble for the right top and bottom combo. In my worst nightmares I picture t-shirts flying across the room and orderly clothing piles tumbling over. That's a separate issue. But there's ABSOLUTELY no reason to leave drawers or closet doors open once you've left. It looks incredibly messy and you don't want to come home and get slapped in the face with memories of that morning's panic. Or even worse, spontaneously bring a friend home and expose your untidy habits. Shut those drawers with a swift fling of the knee or elbow bump. And while you're at it, make sure no shirt sleeves are dangling out.

Now this doesn't just apply to your clothing storage. I've witnessed an array of kitchen cabinets wide open in the middle of the day. Whaaaaat? No one needs to see your coffee mugs and baking supplies when they are aiming for a glass of water. Close those cabinet doors and make your kitchen supplies a bit mysterious. After all, those doors are there for a reason.

Picking up this habit and sticking to it is a great jumpstart to organization. I'm not even telling you to make sure that the insides are orderly and perfect (yet). I just want you to make sure that everything is sealed up when you leave a room. I promise it's a good habit to get into.

Take a look at this and tell me which one you think is more attractive and tidy: