How To: Organize "Undergarments"

Panties, underwear, boxer-briefs, socks, tank tops, nursing bras, undershirts, sports bras, thongs, briefs, tighty-whities, bras, boxers. I figure it's best to put all of those words out there before delving into the organization of the above. Call these crucial garments what you like and I'll do the same. For the sake of today, let's call their hub your "underwear drawer" and figure out the best way to keep it tidy. After all, no one wants to make a half-awake grab in there, think they're pulling out a fresh pair of socks, and start wrapping their feet in undies. An organized underwear drawer will also help you keep inventory of your stock and let you know when it's time to do laundry (hint: when that panty pile is running precariously low).

First things first. Let's discuss how these things should be put away. See below:

- Socks - matched and balled up. We all learned this trick when we were three. Don't be too lazy to employ it.

- Panties/Underwear/Briefs - spread out and piled one on top of the other. Feel free to put the faves on top.

- Boxers/Boxer-Briefs/Boy shorts - folded in half and then in half again creating somewhat of a square.

- Thongs - clumped together. These don't need to be folded since they tend to be smaller and work well in a heap.

Bras/Sports Bras - folded in half so one cup "spoons" the other creating an optical illusion of one cup.

- Undershirts/Tanks - folded neatly. I'll allow for some artistic freedom here. But FOLDED!

Let's move right along and open up that drawer. We want to make sure that everything is divided by type. So put those socks with the other socks and categorize your underwear however it makes sense to you (Admit it, not every pair serves the same purpose. That's all I'm saying) and separate them accordingly. Once you've created different groups, we have to KEEP them separated. Here's where the old shoe box or  small storage bins come in handy. This is also where your high school geometry lessons come to use. Try to get at least one storage bin in there and if you can't fit more, use this one for socks. Since they're all balled up they have to be contained and kept from rolling around. If you have room for more storage bins, great! Pick any other category and put it away into the box. Don't those briefs look adorable in their new home? If you don't have room for more than one bin, don't fret! Use the open space to pile up your underwear or undershirts, or store your thong or bra collection. But remember to keep the likes together and build invisible walls.

Now that things are all organized and sensical, let's keep things smelling nice. After all, tidiness is about organization and cleanliness. BAM! Dryer sheets or a potpourri bag! As a kid I had this heart-shaped potpourri sachet that I loved (obviously). There's nothing like slipping on a clean pair of underwear that also smells clean.

I'm glad we had this talk. Some people have a tough time with panty talk. You braved through it and for that I respect you.