Secrets to a (My) Tidy Bedroom

You know how they say that you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom? Something about how watching before bed disrupts your sleep and how the bedroom should be a sacred place to sleep and recharge and what not. Well, I believe it. Beyond that, I think the bedroom should be clean and tidy always so it can be a respite from the chaos of life. You shouldn’t have to fall asleep surrounded by mounds of clothing or feeling like you should be taking care of the task of putting it all away. You should wake up and feel like you’re in control of your life and surroundings and your room should represent that, dammit.

I’ve been asked multiple times where all of the “stuff” in my room is. The counters are all aggressively bare and clean and the floor never has a single article of anything on it. There are no piles in corners, nothing stored under my bed (bonus points!) and it feels like a meditation studio (*embellishment*). As an extreme case of constant tidiness, I want to impart some tips for keeping this mecca in perfect shape always and the things that help me do so.


A Proper Shoe Rack

It’s imperative to find the right combo of shoe racks. Avoid the slanted shoe racks at all costs (unless it’s only for heel storage) and always opt for the flat ones. The cubby racks are great too since they can store heels and smaller pairs, like sandals.


Custom Built-Ins

If you’re lucky enough to design the inside of your closet from scratch, Elfa closets work wonderfully! You can customize the shelves/drawers/hanging rods and pick your own adventure.


Hidden side hooks

If there’s a nook in between your hanging clothing and the wall, add a set of hooks! I’ve got a set that I use for scarves and my robe and Tidy Husband has one for belts and ties.


Drawer Dividers

A simple solution for drawer madness is to add walls between categories. Keep the panties from the socks with a divider and keep those shirts in line with the file-folding method combined with a divider. Winningggggg.


Utilize the Backs of Doors

There are endless storage possibilities on the backs of your doors so use them! If your closet has a door (mine doesn’t), at least add a set of hooks to store robes, bags or scarves.


A Bomba$$ Bed

I. Love. My. Bed.

I did a few rounds of trial and error until I found the right sheets and linen (drool) duvet cover. The bed frame is clean and simple (and was an Amazon steal!) and the mattress came from my friend’s company (hit me up if you want one - they’re uhhhmazing).

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