How to Maximize Your Space: Backs of Doors!


One of the first areas that I check out when I'm on a mission to convert a new space are the backs of a client's doors. I can be caught plowing through homes, hunting down all of the doors and immediately checking the situation behind them. As far as I'm concerned, they're a haven for space maximization - a world of their own! These spaces can be used for countless tidiness improvements so open your eyes to them. Here are some ideas to get you super excited and change your life immediately. Because that's what we do over here.

1) Hooks! Oh, what a simple solution for getting a lot more space in your coat closet, bedroom closet, or any room with a door! Install a set of hooks to the back of a door and use it for those items that you use often and want easy access to. Bags, scarves, house robes, umbrellas, your gym bag, kid's karate gear, the list goes on! 

2) Hats, hats, and more hats. If someone in your home loves their cap collection, use the back of their door to store it all. This organizer made specifically for the purpose of storing hats will show off their collection perfectly. No more excuses for hats strewn around the home. 

3) OMG, Barbies. Using a shoe organizer to store various Barbies and dolls is enough to make any kid (or adult!) swoon. Tuck each Barbie away at the end of the day and keep their hair from turning into a knotty mess. Not only is this great storage, it adds some fun to the back of any door.

4) Storage baskets for big and small products. By far my favorite Elfa system, this one gives you lots of storage space behind that door. Fill it up with your cleaning supplies, toiletry items, wrapping paper collection, or even hats and scarves. The storage world is your oyster!

5) Shoes. I'm sure you've seen this one before and that's because it's great! An entire shoe collection can fit behind your door with a simple organizer. And if you've got more shoes than the item can hold, choose a category (summer shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, etc.) and keep these together so you know what's where.

6) Cleaning tools! Don't have the perfect nook to store your mop, broom and dustpan? Think again! Install this organizer to the back of a centrally-located door and help keep your cleaning tools in arm's reach and super tidy. After all, they're some of your best friends. 

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