I Own 217 Articles of Clothing


Every time I need something to do, I either clean, organize or count my belongings. Some may think it’s a bit much; others may salute me for getting into exactly the right profession. However you see it, I counted my wardrobe (again) the other night. This time the total came to 217 which is where it’s been hovering for the last couple of years.

My immediate reaction tends to be disgust and shock - over 200 articles of clothing, including shoes, feels like a lot! I need as much help as the people I’m helping every day! But then I take a step back and realize that I live in New York City with its 4 seasons, have to dress up for holidays multiple times a year in clothing that I wouldn’t own otherwise, and apparently have a love for coats (I own 11!). Also, a quick study led me to understand that I have far less than other ladies around town - I asked my friend who is also a Professional Organizer and she’s got 250. So ha!

Now, I’d never call myself a minimalist but I’ve gotten super strict about the clothing that enters my home and wardrobe. I have a rule that if I don’t want to wear it out of the store, I won’t buy it (*with exceptions, obvi*). And I have 50 hangers in my closet which means I employ a one in, one out policy. So contrary to the panic that I get every time I tally up the totals, I do practice what I preach but still have the urge to get the total below 200. Dare me?

So, next time you’re bored or want to play a fun game, count your clothing. It’s a nice way to get in touch with what you own, have an excuse to be hard on yourself, and strive for a better tomorrow. Or maybe even stop you from buying your next impulse purchase! Just think about it…

BTW, here are my totals. As you can see, I didn’t include undergarments. That would have just been doggone ridiculous.


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