Efficient Tidying


We all want to spend less time doing the stuff that we hate and more time doing the stuff that we love. Right? It’s the secret sauce and we want it poured all over the place. And what do we call it?


I’d swim in that sea all day if I didn’t have to sleep at night. I had a roommate once who would prop herself up at night so she could sit back and watch my nightly routine. She loved the way I smoothly moved from face washing to flossing, the method with which I put away my clothing one-handed while brushing teeth, and my seamless maneuvering to get it all done in the least time possible so I could enjoy more pillow talk with her. I know what you’re thinking: "GET ME IN.”

I got you. Here are some pro tips for living a more efficient life:

1) Don’t think, just do. We spend so much time thinking about the things that we have to do and dreading them and making up stories in our heads about why we don’t want to do them. Well, if you just did the task, you wouldn’t have to think about it anymore! So before you start having a conversation with yourself, just act. You won’t regret it.

2) Think ahead. Walk yourself through the next day before you go to sleep at night. This way you’ll be prepared with what you need and can finish up last minute requests before it’s too late. An efficient and non-scrambling morning can set you off to a great start to the day.

3) Perform tidy tasks when you’re on the move. Before you head to another room or floor in your home, scan the room quickly to see if anything needs to go with you. This way you can kill two birds with one tidy stone and shave time off of cleaning up your house at the end of the day.

4) Stay focused. This day in age, it’s hard to complete one task before moving on to (Facebook, Instagram, the news..) another task or without convincing ourselves that we’re Master Multi-Taskers. Well, guess what? You’ll work more quickly and efficiently if you complete one thing at a time and then move on to the desk.

5) Wear comfortable sneakers! I’d be nothing if not for my aggressively comfortable shoes. Before you set off on an Efficient Tidiness Spree, get your best footwear on. You’ll be worthless if you’re limping by the end.

Tidy Tova