How to Fold Your Laundry Like a Boss


The internet is full of memes that are (not funny at all and) about untidy behavior and therefore haunt me. Like this one that suggests there are people who don’t wash and put away their laundry in the same day.


Despite not having a washer/dryer in my own home, I still can’t resist the times that my hamper is dead empty and I can see the bottom, clear as day. It makes walking to and from the laundromat six times in one evening to clean my garb more than worth it. Just thinking about the sight of that hamper makes me all fuzzy inside. Granted, you then throw in your underwear from the day and are back to square one, but it’s the circle of life and laundry and all things. Just make sure to relish in the moment that you’re laundry-less.

So ya, clean laundry and drawers full of clothing are undeniably the best and we all know it. So while we’re talking about it all, here are some tips for eliminating that mound of fresh, warm, beautifully clean clothing that you’ve half dealt with and just want to go away.

1) Fold laundry while it’s warm to avoid wrinkles. Especially sheets and towels! If you’re able to pounce on that freshly-removed-from-the-dryer laundry, fold it immediately so it doesn’t turn into a crumply mound.

2) Grab the big items first so your mound shrinks immediately. Snag the towels and sheets and get them out of the way at the beginning of the folding session. That way you’ll feel instantly gratified and have more visibility for the smaller stuff.

3) Fold like-items simultaneously. You’ll work more like an efficient machine if you pull out the t-shirts one after the other and fold them that way. And then the pants, and then tank tops, etc. But note: don’t make yourself bonkers here - these rules are loose.

4) Pull out the underwear and throw them into a pile. If you don’t fold your panties (pro tip: you don’t need to if you don’t want to), search the clothing mound for them and pile ‘em up. Since they require minimal attention, it’s another easy way to get that instant gratification.

5) Throw all of the socks into another pile and ball them at the end. To avoid a search party for a specific sock’s pair (that will hold you up immensely), chuck all of the singletons into a pile and save the pairing for the end. If you love matching socks, it’ll be a good finishing treat. And if you hate matching socks, you’ll do it extra quick so you can be done with it all.

6) Time yourself and make it all into a game! By the far the best tip of them all because tidiness is funness and all tidy tasks are a BLAST! Time yourself and try to beat your score next time. I recently got 16:32! Gosh, what a good life we all live.

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