Give Your Dresser a Facelift


You may be dying to get your room (or life?) organized but feel totally overwhelmed by the task. It's a lot. But today we're talking about your dresser - just that dresser of yours. Let's consider him the gateway to a tidy room where one good thing will lead to another. After all, that guy only has a few drawers in it so this is an oh-so attainable goal! Just follow these steps:

1) Empty out one drawer at a time and purge what you don't want. If you haven't felt compelled to wear something or it's too big/small, say goodbye and put it directly into a donate or trash bag! As always, be ruthless. Overstuffed drawers are an absolute nightmare and will keep you messy forever.

2) As you go, fold and categorize the items that you're saving. The file fold is always best and saves tons of space so use that method. Create various piles around your room, keeping like-items together. Warning: things will get worse before they get better.

3) Clean out the inside of each drawer with a simple spritz and a rag. Collect all of the trash that's made its way to the bottom of the drawer. I'm willing to bet that there are at least two clothes tags in there and a fair amount of crusty dust. Give a hearty wipe down so your baseline is extra clean and sparkly. 

4) Decide what should go where. Keep the things that you wear most often at the top for accessibility and contain categories that make sense. For example, keep your t-shirts next to the long sleeve shirts. Magic.

5) Add drawer dividers. In order to keep your categories separate, add some drawer dividers as barriers. If you're working with baby clothing, these 3-section dividers are great for containing itty-bitty clothing. You're welcome.

6) Label! For an extra level of security, excitement, and keeping-in-line-ness, add labels to each section. They could be great if multiple people interact with your dresser or if you need a little extra alert.

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