Keeping Your Kids (+ their homework) Tidy


I was well into my adulthood when I realized that homework was equally a pain for my mom as it was for Little Tidy Me. And even more shocking was the realization that some parents don't even read report cards (did mine?!) and may even fudge homework completion by signing on the dotted line while turning a blind eye.


I don't judge your parenting approach nor do I think homework will make or break a child's future. But as a stickler for the rules and lover of talking all things organization, I've compiled a list of ways to keep your kids tidy this school season and how to set up a homework area so they actually (hopefully, fingers crossed) use it:

1) Designate an area to work on homework. Whether its the kitchen table, a corner of the living room, or a desk in your child's bedroom, allocate a space where homework gets done. Creating systems for schoolwork will keep things streamlined and create habits that can stick. 

2) Put together a homework caddy. Contain all of those loose pencils and make sure you have everything you need within arm's reach of that homework. Whether you use a supply box, pencil case or more involved organization product, a go-to place for sharpened pencils and erasers will keep homework time from turning into a scavenger hunt.

3) Set a timer to help with time management. The visual timer is great for keeping kids on task, while providing a visual for time passing. Bonus points for its lack of loud ticking. 

4) Keep desks clear minus the essentials. Less is more when it comes to setting up a child's workspace so keep trinkets and toys down to a minimum. Use a desk or wall organizer to contain the necessary homework utensils and put the rest elsewhere. 

5) Empty backpacks at the end of every day. To avoid having your child carry around extra weight or moldy old snacks, have them empty their bags at the end of the day. If they come home with lots of projects or drawings, give them the (temporary) attention they deserve.

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