One In, One Out Challenge


I tend to struggle with hard rules when it comes to life. After all, something that makes sense for one person can make zero sense to someone else. And the same applies to organizing and life with belongings, as far as I'm concerned. But when I changed the hangers in my closet over to a set of 50 matching velvet ones, I took it upon myself to only use those fifty hangers. That meant that I would start getting rid of a hanging garment if I bought a new article of clothing that needed a hanger. But instead of considering this vow a rule, I accepted it as a challenge. It's changed my life for the better. 

I encourage you to do the same with the hangers in your closet but even more so, with your possessions. Just trust me and here's why:

1) Too. Much stuff. Will bog. You down. I see this every day with my clients and believe it. There's a real truth to "less is more" and adopting a one in, one out policy will help keep the quantity of your belongings in check. Check!

2) Overcrowding is the devil. Stuffing too much stuff in a small area will create a miserable situation for interacting with your possessions. Think about that drawer that's filled to the brim and the time that you tried to open it to get out a battery. Everything was a mess and the drawer got jammed and it was awful. Ya, the one in, one out deal will help you avoid those scenarios.

3) You'll think before you make purchases. From now on, buying something will mean more than swiping your credit card. You'll have to justify the purchase with thinking: is it better than what I already have? Not only will you save money, you'll be protecting Mother Earth who doesn't like all of these products in her space, anyway.

Just try it. A challenge from me to you. Tryyyyyyy it. And let me know how things go!

Tidy TovaComment