How to Get Gum off Clothing


I encountered an unfortunate gum-in-clothing situation this weekend. Let's just say it involved a combination of brand new, fancy jeans, a really excited boyfriend (about aforementioned fancy jeans), dim sum, and an inability to get up off a chair. To be honest, I was planning strategies for replacing his jeans ASAP and kissing the gum-ridden pair goodbye. My level of hope was at five out of one hundred.

We tried ice - applying it to the fabric for 25 minutes and then using a dull blade or tooth pick to get the gum off. It did nothing.

We considered peanut butter which is supposedly an alternative method to the ice. I have a feeling that peanut butter would have left an oily mess and lots of gum behind.

But behold: warm white vinegar and a toothbrush did the trick and it was LITERALLY MAGIC! Don't try the other methods. Save your tears and dollah bills. Here's how to get gum out of fabric:

  • Warm up white vinegar (it doesn't have to be hot, just warm)
  • Apply to the fabric
  • Rub off with a toothbrush

It literally slides right off! My mind was blown. I've been tempted to stick other gum into clothing so I can try the procedure again but will fight the urge.

So next time you've got gum on yo' pants, you're welcome. 

Tidy TovaComment