How to Get Your House in Order by Organizing for 15 Minutes a Day


I want you to give me one week of your time. Just one week, fully-loaded with seven days, and I'll help you get that sweet casa of yours in order. Oh, and I should mention that it will only take fifteen minutes a day. That's an hour and forty five minutes total (which is barely anything and I know that because I did the math in my head). I will also add, though, that if you need to do this multiple times to get better results, go ahead! Heck, incorporate it into your life until the end of time. Consider it a Tidiness Program and sign up today. Here's what you gotta do.


Trash any junk mail. That mail pile? Ya, let's make it smaller. Send any junk mail to the recycling immediately. Bonus points if you open up any important mail and add their necessary action items (for example: a bill that you have to pay) to a to-do list. 


Install a few hooks to the back of a door. Don't get me started on the backs of doors. They're a storage mecca for hats, scarves, robes, bags, etcetera! So grab a few Command Hooks and stick them on the door. Storage maximized.


Perform a pantry purge. Old, aggressively expired food? Eew. Head into your pantry with a garbage bag and say goodbye to food items that have served their time (and unfortunately didn't get eaten). Bring any viable food to a shelter nearby and you'll feel extra warm, tidy and happy inside.


Create a sentimental keepsake box. Grab an old shoe box or container and corral any sentimental items like concert tickets, special cards, or travel keepsakes. Keep in mind the key sentimental keepsake ruleThe more sentimental items you hold on to, the less likely you are to look at any of them. 


Sort your hanging clothes by type. Keeping like-items together is an organizing basic so apply it to the clothing in your closet. Keep blouses/dress shirts together, dresses/suits collected, and pants next to each other. Secret: it'll all look extra amazing with matching hangers. Just saying.


Clean out the fridge. Get in there and throw out any gross or nasty food that's been building up all week (or month. Or couple of months. Cringe.). While you're at it, give the inside a spritz and wipe down. 


Empty out your bathroom drawers and/or medicine cabinet. Like every other area, your bathroom can get dirty fast and collect items that are truly trash. Choose a drawer or two, take everything out of it, and consider each item and whether or not it should get the boot. Then put the items you use most often front and center so they're accessible and easy to find.

WHAT A WEEK! Potentially one of the best, if you ask me. Right?

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