10 Pieces of Life Advice from a Professional Organizer


I’m here to present to you some life advice. I may struggle to figure out if my meals have enough protein in them, to force my heart rate to go up for twenty minutes a day, and to wrap my head around how the stock market works. But tidiness is my jam so you can trust me on this front. Read up!

1) Always hang, launder or fold your laundry at the end of the day. To avoid a growing clothing mound, get in the habit of not allowing your clothing to hit the floor. Undress near your closet so you can immediately hang up or fold any clean clothing with minimal effort. Put the rest in the laundry ASAP. 

2) Place a catch-all or valet tray by your front door. Sick of searching for your keys and wallet? Ya, let’s not let that happen again. Place them in a designated area as soon as you enter your home and you’ll know exactly where to find them when it’s time to head out the door.

3) Say “no” to unnecessary freebies and giveaways. It can be tough to turn down something that’s free, but learn to kindly reject items that you don’t need or want even if they’re handed to you. This will keep you safe from belongings that are taking up your space for naught.

4) Beware of duplicates and half-used products. You only need one deodorant (and toothpaste, shampoo, bottle of salt, set of markers) at once so avoid multiple “active” products. This will streamline your possessions and ultimately save you money!

5) If you don’t want to wear it out of the store, reconsider the purchase. Avoid impulse buys and accumulating tons of clothing by taking the time to ask yourself how badly you want a clothing item. Doubting the purchase? Walk away and if you find yourself thinking about it a few days later, buy it then.

6) Use your loose change. Unused and therefore dispersed coins can become clutter (for real!) so treat yourself to a coffee or lottery ticket and pay for it with those nickels, dimes and pennies. It will essentially feel free and you’ll be making a major change (Pun. Intended.).

7) Empty your pockets and bag at the end of each day. To steer you clear of lost belongings and bags that become black holes, get in the habit of taking everything out of your pockets as soon as you get home. Throw any trash away and make sure you’re not carrying around today’s items tomorrow.

8) Unsubscribe from spam emails as soon as you see them. Digital clutter is a real threat so work hard to get on top of your email flow. Unsubscribing from lists that don’t inspire you takes a simple click so spend the time as they come in and lighten your email load.

9) Create an “outbox” for items that need to leave your home. Need to return your friend’s bowl? Got shoes to bring for repair? Place them in a designated area that suggests they need to be taken care of (like the bottom of your front closet or some hooks by the front door). This way they won’t get reincorporated into your life and ultimately neglected.

10) When in doubt, wear what you wore yesterday. Repeating outfits when you hit a roadblock is life changing! It can save you from tears, tantrums, and work tardiness. After all, your coworkers probably won't notice. And if they do, they’ll secretly think you’re better for it.

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