In Defense of The Diva Cup


Disclaimer: this post is not for the faint hearted or more simply, those that don't feel comfortable hearing about/reading about/getting lectured on period-related shenanigans. You're still fabulous but in this realm, we differ. 

There are many things that I love more than my diva cup (tidiness, duh) but it's up there on the list. I took the plunge into Diva Land and joined the Diva Club about two years ago and I don't imagine ever going back to Tampon Territory. I will start by saying that this monthly experience is not for everyone. For one, it's not ideal for those that chose to walk away from reading this post (still love them!) and it's probably not for ladies who don't feel comfortable interacting with their periods on an intimate level. It also took me a few cycles to get to where I'm at now but I consider those part of the learning curve.

Let me explain: using a period cup involves a plunge into blood and whatever else happens down there multiple times a day for multiple days in a row. It's not always seamless and pleasant. Sometimes it gets messy and can take a couple of minutes. I don't want to elaborate too much but I'm sure that a quick read on how a diva cup works will paint the appropriate picture.

That being said, I'm so happy that I use a period cup and it far outweighs the burdens that it brings along. After all, periods can be a drag and wearing a pad or using tampons ain't all that glamorous either. Here's why I particularly love my diva cup:

1) There's never a tampon scramble! Since the diva cup stays in you, gets emptied out, and then put back inside, you never have to make a desperate public service announcement in an airport bathroom, begging anyone in there for a spare tampon. Or even worse, bundle endless toilet paper as a last resort. Oy.

2) It's light and packable! It's so annoooooying to have to count out tampons and carry them around all day when it's that time of the month. And when you're traveling and might get your period or are def getting your period and you have to fill up half of your suitcase with gear to deal with it...annoying. The diva cup comes in a small sack and weighs virtually nothing. Heck, you can even put it in your back pocket. 

3) Eco-friendliness! Fewer tampons and pads means less product in this world which means less waste and more trees and all of that good stuff! The diva cup lasts forever and involved zero of anything going into the trash. This really makes me happy. 

4) It saves you ca$h! The Diva Cup costs $27 and that's it. That's like four boxes of tampons which lasts what? A year? Ya, you do the math. And go buy yourself something that you love because you're a rich kid now. 

5) You can water your plants with the contents! I can't really vouch for this one but I've read up about it and it seems like there's some supported evidence saying that blood contains plant nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. So there ya go!

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