How to Convert Your Purge Pile into a $weet $uccess (Money)


The best part of organizing is undoubtedly that weightless feeling that you get once you've rid your life of all of the useless items that have been weighing you down. My favorite sound is that of trash falling far down a chute (I kid you not) and I live vicariously through clients' purge piles every day while I work (it gives me a high). There's something liberating about biting the bullet and letting go of items that you no longer need or use. And then taking it to the next level and rarely acquiring things unless you absolutely need them. 

But sometimes it can be painful. After all, your trash can be someone else's treasure and there could be a lot of value in things that are getting the boot. If I had one superpower, it would be to create a method to get one person's garbage into the hands of another who needs that thing. Because there are too many extension cords buried in basements in this world and I don't think a new homeowner needs to birth another one. But alas, that system doesn't exist (yet).

So before you simply throw your unwanted goods away, consider whether or not you can get some cash for them or if someone in need can benefit from them. Here are some ways to do that:

1) Schedule a donation pickup. The VVA will give you a printable shipping label that you can slap on your donation box and have picked up. It's a simple and great way to send your goods to people in need, with minimal effort and cost on your behalf. Plus, you get a tax deductible donation receipt. Win-win!

2) Sell your clothing online. If you've got stuff that's in good shape, consider using Linda's Stuff, The Real Real or ThreadUp to sell it consignment-style. Each company gives you a percentage of the sale and will hand over a free shipping label. Yaas!

3) Get money for old electronics. Gazelle will buy old phones, tablets, desktops and laptops and send you cold, hard cash (in the form of a check) for them. Here too, the shipping is covered by them which makes things real seamless. Cha-ching!

4) Take advantage of Craig's List and the Facebook Marketplace. Granted, you'll have to weed out the creeps and potential serial killers, but both of these can be raging successes for selling furniture (I speak from experience). And if you're part of a closed Facebook group or two, post there too. You'd be surprised to see but someone else may need juuuust that thing that you're chucking. Mmmhmmm.

5) Curb anything legit. It's a shame to throw away perfectly good things, so set them on your curb and pray to the tidy gods that someone in need will scoop them up. It won't bring in any dough, but the karma is priceless and will help you manifest your next purchase-need on someone else's curb. You'll see!

Tidy Tova