Start Packing Lunch Like an Environmentalist

For multiple reasons, I'm a home lunch toting adult. And since I'm constantly on the go, this can involve eating meals (with real utensils) while sitting on random stoops or if I'm lucky, on a park bench. I'm that kid. But like everything else in NYC and life, you just gotta act with confidence and the haters don't bother hating. At the end of the day, avoiding takeout saves a LOT of waste and that's the number one incentive for me. Plus, I save money which is...priceless.

 Meal planning is a skill that I'm constantly working on improving but snack packing is an art that I have down to the tee. And I dare you to ask me how many ziplock bags I've been through in the last six years. Not even a box. That's how many. I use them very rarely (mostly for breaking up packs of chicken and freezing smaller portions) but never for daytime snack packing. How, you ask? Take a look at these genius products, jump on the train, and never look back. One step closer to no waste. 


Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Keep those daily fruit and vegetable rations in mesh or canvas bags for ideal carrying. These can also be used at the supermarket when you buy produce and want to avoid plastic bags. WIN!


Reusable Snack Bags

These are the ABSOLUTE BEST and I never leave home without mine. One is for nuts and dried fruit and the other is for bigger snacks (like popcorn, pretzels or chips). They're washable and can literally be used for years and years. Granda Tidy Tova will be using these, no doubt.


Lunch on the Go

I'd love to store my lunch in a glass container but it's unfortunately too heavy. These simple containers from Ikea do the trick and paired with my bamboo utensils (super lightweight), I've got the best home lunch in town. The mini glass bottle is ideal for salad dressing - I got it with an elixir inside once and repurposed. 


Water Bottle

Duh. As far as I'm concerned, buying bottled water is short of a crime so this guy is a best friend. He's a lightweight plastic because again, I'm really careful about weight. 


Reusable Bowl Covers

Say goodbye to plastic wrap and introduce these fine products into your life. They look like shower caps but are designed to cover bowls and store leftovers. Mine came from a friend who traveled to South Africa so they're extra special but you can order yours from Amazon and make up a romantic story, if you choose.

Tidy Tova