What You Need to Tidy Up Your Bathroom

...because who wants to get clean and pampered in a room that's a mess, right? You deserve a tidy bathroom where you can go to unwind, become your best self, and feel good about what's being reflected in the background of the mirror. 

Every bathroom and person is different but there are a few undeniably great products that can amp up this often-small room and a few tricks for keeping it all under control. Listen up! 


Get rid of excess

Since storage is limited, only keep the products that you truly use in your bathroom.  Sort it all out and move backup items into deeper storage in a nearby closet or get rid of them altogether if you're not compelled to smear them on your face. 


Maximize the space under your sink

Throwing everything under the sink and hoping for the best does not count as a space properly organized. Drawers help a lot so get them if they'll fit! 


Keep like-items contained

Small, loose items (like little bottles and creams) love toppling out of medicine cabinets so stop them before they can misbehave. Contain categories of products in clear containers so you can see what's what and avoid The Dreaded Topple.


Create more storage space

If your bathroom has little to no place to put stuff away, invest in some free-standing storage like a small cart, over-the-toilet shelves, or a mini cabinet


Get a shower caddy

Your shampoo bottle won't get moldy if it has a chance to dry and the solution is simple. Hang a caddy from your shower head and you'll even have a proper resting place for your razor. 

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