What Didn't You Wear This Winter?


It's the end of the winter but still miserably cold and I have little to no faith that we'll ever escape and be able to bear legs again. But let's stay positive and assume that you can aaaalmost shuffle your sweaters out and sundresses in. Or maybe by the time you read this the weather has made its way above 40 degrees. Slow clap.

The end of the season means its time to do something special and slightly scary. Like, consider what you did and didn't want to wear this past season and purge accordingly.


When I'm asked what the best time to clean out your closet is, my advice is ("daily" but I go easy and recommend) at the end of the season. It's a concrete end of a cycle and good time to reel it in and fill up some bags for donation. Are you terrified yet? If not, keep these things in mind as you go and you'll be sure to be smiling next year.

1) Did you try to wear it again and again? If you did and failed, it's a sign. There's a reason you chose not to put that very item on so listen to that! Say goodbye because it's just going to haunt you next year.

2) Has it survived the season? Personally, I shrunk two (out of four) of my sweaters this winter and it was really upsetting to admit that they're not wearable and had to go. But alas, they got the boot because they're not going to grow on their own. So if anything is worn out and not looking too hot, SEEE YAAAAA.

3) Will you be inclined to wear such item when you're your age now + 1 year? For some reason, throwing your age into the equation tends to put things into perspective. If there's something that's been feeling "too young," it will feel even younger next year so cut it like an ax.

4) Does it just plain look bad on you? Maybe you wore specific things a couple of times but felt like a lump of gross the whole day because the shape or color or whatever simply doesn't make you your best-looking self. This guy should go and never come back again.

Tidy TovaComment