Get Organized This Year. Furreal!


Ooooh, January! Such a bright, hopeful, ambitious month for all of those who completely slacked off the entire December, promising themselves that things will be different “next year.” You tattooed your resolutions to your arm, swore to everyone you met that things will change, and welcomed the new year with sparkling arms. So here we are. It’s mid January and you’re undoubtedly better at life than you were two weeks ago.

Since resolutions can be hard to stick to, I’m a big fan of choosing something small and putting extra effort into it. Personally, I’m trying to cut my straight-sugar, candy-eating habits. I must admit that I’m doing pretty well so far. I even threw away the half-eaten boxes of candy that were waiting for me in my cupboard. Bonus points for me.

But since I’m the Queen of Tidiness, I’m here to encourage you to get organized this month, this year, finally, forever! I should mention that January is also GO Month (Go Organized, obviously) in my circles. So grab a resolution from the below list and let’s get tidy this year!

1) Make your bed daily. By far one of the most important tidiness tasks of the day! I believe in this one like it’s my religion and think there’s no better way to start your day than with that tidy foot first.

2) Systematically purge your clothing. This is the year that you let go of the things that you don’t need or want anymore. Take a moment to write a list of all of the clothing categories and check one off one by one as you take the time to go through them and purge. You’ll feel lighter with a clearer head by the end of the year. Guaranteed.

3) Chuck old mail/magazines. Still have stuff lying around from last year? Ya, that’s old news by now. Recycle any magazines that you “really want to get to but haven’t yet” and paperwork that’s yellowing from neglect. New year, clean slate.

4) Take a hiatus from purchases. I double-dog dare you! It’s liberating to Stop Buying Stuff and start acquiring less. Make it a goal this year and really, truly, honestly focus on buying things that you actually need and will use. You may even be a minimalist by 2020.

5) Empty out your night table. This little space tends to be prone to dumping or stuffing or containing the things that don’t quite have a better home. Empty your night table out this year and keep things down to items that you access often, use for your nighttimes routine, or that are important and need to kept close (like a passport or gift cards).

It’s gawn be a good year.

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