Make Your Office More Enviromental


Whether you’re a business owner or fill up a cubicle at work every day, there are ways that you can make life in the office more environmental. After all, we spend so many hours in the grind and every little bit that we do to help Gaia thrive can go a long way. Right? So get inspired to make a change or pester those in charge to help you and your coworkers get there.

1) Forfeit silly swag. A world without mostly-worthless, company-stamped goods would be a better place, if you ask me. I can’t even describe how much swag my clients send to the trash so why don’t we stop it before it’s even made!? Just Say No to Swag and hand out edible or perishable gifts at the next holiday party.

2) Use real plates, cups, and utensils. Whether you’re in charge of setting up the company kitchen or just handle your own food consumption, swap out paper and plastic goods with real eating utensils. A mini on-the-go set is great for toting around or leaving at you desk but an in-office kitchen fully loaded with wares and a dishwasher are ideal if you can pull that off.

3) Serve bulk snacks in jars or containers. Instead of individually wrapped snacks (with lots of plastic encasing!), purchase bulk snacks and contain them in large jars or bins so everyone can help themselves.

4) Add a Conscientious Printing sign. Never underestimate the power of a sign with a blatant message! Post one by the printer encouraging employees to think twice before they print. You can make it humorous or fun so people don’t get turned off and print doubles of everything in an angry fit.

Tidy TovaComment