A Tidy Gift Guide


‘tis the season for lots of gift giving and receiving. That means joy!, generosity!, cheer!…and potential clutter. You may or may not know my stance on what to do with gifts that you hate (read it here but in short: take a deep breath and say goodbye sooner than later) but I empower you to gift thoughtfully, cleverly, and without clutter. And to gently encourage your gift recipients to be tidy with items that will help them get there. Because, always.

So, without further ado:

Bissell Vacuum

Nothing says “I love you” quite as well as a new vacuum! With super strong suction, an easy-to-empty dirt tank and smooth gliding abilities, this guy will be anyone’s new best friend.

OXO Under Appliance Cleaner

This little thing not only cleans the hard-to-reach area under your appliances, it provides an experience! There are few things more exciting than seeing how much dust collects under your stove so share that joy with your loved one.

Wall Organizer

There are endless things that you can load this gift up with: pens, crafting supplies, plants, kitchen utensils - the list goes on! A fantastic treat for that friend who loves new organizing products that think outside the box.

Command Hooks

Arguably a boring gift but man, these things are convenient! They stick to any surface and can do magic tricks like hold up brooms, provide a resting place for a bag, or become the go-to resting place for a kitchen rag (on the back of the under-sink cabinet door, of course). The perfect stocking stuffer.

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Certainly the best solution to dish drying that I’ve ever seen - this guy rolls up for easy cleanup and rests over the sink! That means your gift recipient’s counters can be spared and you can become a hero.


Give an Experience

The ultimate clutter-free gift! Theatre tickets, a dinner on the town, sky-diving, the gift of tidiness (ME!), a kiss on the cheek. The options go on and the memories from an experience will last a lifetime.

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