A Tidy Prep for Holiday Guests


You blacked out and invited the whole family over for the holidays because it felt like a good idea. You’re now coming to and facing the consequences and panicking. We’ve all been there and it’s going to be great! The beast always looks scarier from afar.

If you’re in Pre-Guest Panic Mode, there are some concrete things that you can do to gain control. (Because if there’s one thing I’m good, it’s gaining physical control of surroundings - a wonderful trick to feeling like you have control of life!). You can convince those visitors that you’re actually the chill host that you want to be. You may even be able to make yourself believe it while you’re at it. So, get out those guest towels and here goes:

1) Declutter the main living spaces. In case your third cousin can’t thrive in a messy space, remove the excess and personal clutter from the kitchen and living room. For the moment, just box things up and put them into deeper storage or into your bedroom (major bonus points if you take the time now to throw away anything that you don’t need). And guess what. If you leave those things boxed up until the end of Q1 next year, say goodbye because there’s nothing important in there and you know it!

2) Invest in a suitcase stand. Nothing says “hostess to the mostess” like a proper place for your dear aunt to rest her oversized suitcase. This will make any visitor feel extra good about their temporary living quarters. Plus, it folds up nicely and can be tucked away after the holidays.

3) Clear closet space. Maybe your father-in-law is old school and insists on hanging up his coat every day. Respect the man! Double up your coats to make room for the assortment coming your way. And if your guest is sleeping in a room with a closet, make sure they have an area to hang their clothing. These small gestures go a long way and will really make your company feel at home.

4) Snacks. Always. Some nighttime munchies always make that great uncle of yours feel safe. A little welcome basket or goodie bag are sure to make anyone feel tingly inside so grab some of your fave (not crumby) snacks and place them on your guest’s bed. Apples and almonds are a must.

5) Swap out your napkins for cloth ones. A sure way to impress grandma and save the planet while you’re at it. Cloth napkins can change the entire vibe of your dining table so get em today and use em forever!

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