Tidy Tip

Every time my roommate leaves her toiletry bag packed up in the bathroom, I ask her when her trip is. "O, how exciting! I didn't realize you're going away, when's your flight?" She loves me for it, I swear. This is just one of the joys of living with a tidy gal like myself but the lesson is:


There's no reason to live out of your toiletry bag. When you get home, unpack that thing and get back into your daily routine. That toiletry bag certainly takes up a valuable chunk of your counter space so let's get it put away. And if you travel often, keep two sets of the essentials - toothbrush, contact case, floss, etc. - and a small list of the other necessary items that you can quickly add to the bag before your trip. YOUR TRIP. Not the average Monday evening in your home. Goodbye toiletry bag, I'll see you next vaca.

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