How to: Organize Makeup


MAKEUP!!! Oh-Em-Gee! Lip gloss! I'm being facetious only because makeup poses somewhat of a threat to my masculinity (men who love makeup, I salute you) and the femininity that I try to keep at bay. But confession: I own makeup and I can even be found covering my face in it. Don't repeat that. But more so than applying the various tints, colors, and shades, I enjoy sorting through my makeup case and making sure everything stays in good shape. That nothing gets out of hand and there are no broken-blush disasters. There are so many different products, too! So much potential for an untidy disaster.

There are several things to keep in mind when organizing your makeup.

1) What products do you use the most? Yup. You know what to do by now, don't ya? Sort through your goods and set aside the items that you use the most - daily or weekly (monthly is not considered often). These are the products that you can leave out or easily accessible, depending on your set up and storage situation. If you have a makeup table or counter space and use lots of products every day, a plastic organizer is a nice way to go. It keeps everything separated and easy to see (see below left). On the other hand, if your space is minimal, a makeup pouch is wonderful too. As long as you don't overload the case, a simple rummage should reveal the eyeshadow that will complete the day's look. Note: makeup cases are often obnoxiously girly and that's ok (see below right).

2) Where do the other products go? Right. So now we're left with more products - those that you use often enough to hold on to but not often enough to want to look at every day. A backup pouch or plastic storage container is a good place to keep these guys. But don't start slacking off with the organization! If you have lots of backup products, make sure they are separated by type (lipsticks together, eye liners together, etc.) and stored accordingly. This will make things a lot easier when the rare occasion for green lipstick presents itself.

- Do I actually use all of these products? This is always something to consider when getting organized. Obviously. If you don't use some things, say goodbye. I'm sure your neighbor's young daughter would just love to play with your unused (but held onto) neon eyeliner kit. Go make her day.

How fabulous am I??