Organizing Your Purse, #NotABagLady


They say that the purse is a man's best friend. Always there, always committed to the cause. So like all best friends, you should be treating your handbag with respect. And that means, duh, keeping it organized. You can even consider organizing your purse a jumpstart to organizing your entire life. After all, it's a contained area and easy to tackle. How? Here are some tips!

1) Think before you load. Pack your bag with the things that you truly need (only!) and avoid carrying items that were necessary yesterday.

2) Designate pockets and respect them. If your phones lives in a specific pocket, you won't waste time searching for it!

3) Avoid contact with the floor. To spare your bag from becoming filthy, be aware of where you place it down or carry around a table hook to show off how tricky you are.

4) Empty your pockets at the end of each day! Throw away any trash, old receipts or wrappers, and take out items that you no longer need to carry. Your bag is not a trashcan. 

5) Wipe your bag's exterior once a week. Mix warm water with a mild soap and use a soft cloth to give your purse a one-over at the end (or start) of the week. 

6) Use small pouches to keep like-items together. Instead of allowing everything to fall to the bottom of your purse, contain small and loose items in a clear pouch

7) Create a resting place for in between uses. Whether you install a hook by your front door or clear some space on a shelf, your bag should have a permanent home for in between uses. 

8) Think practically when it comes to shape and size. Consider what you'll be using your bag for and act accordingly. You'll thank yourself when your load is lighter and smaller. 

9) Empty your bag in between uses. There's nothing worse than a bag stored away loaded with your belongings or trash. Get in the habit of emptying out your bag when you're done using it and put it away nice and empty.

10) Keep the essentials contained. Store those must-haves like a pen, gum, tampon, or lip balm, in a small pouch so it can easily be transferred from one bag to another. You'll never be left without your basic needs!


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