I Want Martha to Approve of My Closet

Do you want your closet to look so good that magazines will be begging to feature it and the tidy gods will be enthusiastically dancing from up above? Want next level organization that will make you feel like a true winner when you choose your outfit in the morning? I hear you and luckily, there are lots of products and quick tips that hear you too. These are the ones that will give your closet a major facelift with minimum effort: 

1) Matching hangers. I pinky promise that uniform hangers are game changers. Trust me and try it out yourself sooner than later - you will not be let down. While you're at it, make sure that all of your clothing faces the same direction and is outside-out. Sometimes it's the little things.

2) Add polaroid pictures to the outsides of your shoe boxes. If you keep your nicer shoes in boxes, add some pics to the outsides so you know precisely what's in there. Polaroid cameras and your basic photography skills are great for this. Say cheese! 

3) Store items in attractive boxes. These oh-so-pretty storage bins are great for small bags, out-of-season clothing, or hats. The clear front makes seeing what's inside a breeze and they drop open in the most ingenious way!

4) Separate your clothing piles. Shelf dividers will subtly keep your piles from falling over and turning into a mound. They're also good looking so there's that. I'm a fan of acrylic but there are other options too. I like to consider this one another quick fix. 

5) Install some fancy hooks. There are tons of lovely hook options out there (like these and these and these!). And I swear by the functionality of a good hook (or six). Hang up your hat or robe or those bags that you're known to grab on the go.

Make Martha proud. I'll mooch off her pride.

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