Organize Your Plastic Containers: Day 4 of the Tidiness Challenge


This challenge is basically just a fun game.

Tupperware storage is no joke. Getting a handle on these things can be as difficult as babysitting a troop of monkeys. But along with the struggle comes laughter, fun, and games. Consider this one a puzzle. 

Just do these things!

1) Match up the tops and bottoms. If you've got loads, you may want to separate the pieces by shape to begin with. Putting all of the squares, circles, rectangles, etc. into different piles and later pairing the couples together.

2) Purge all singletons and grimy bits! After all, this is always a part of getting organized so let's use today's challenge to rid our lives of the containers that have had their days. 

3) Keep the lids off and store one in another. Creating stacks with the big guys on the bottom and their smaller friends on top is the best proven method for storing Tupperware. Keep the lids together stored off to the side or contained in a separate bin or plastic. 

4) Use discipline and care to keep things organized. Respect the plastics, man. They'll be good right back to you.

One more challenging day to go!

Tidy TovaComment