Organize Your Medicine Cabinet: Day 5 of the Tidiness Challenge


This one'll keep the doctor away.

Here's another zone that can benefit from a quick tidying sweep and immediately go from zero to hero with a few tips and tricks. Organizing your medicine cabinet is your last challenge of this exhausting week so let's make it a good one. 

1) Take everything out and put it on the floor/a table. Completely emptying the medicine cabinet will help things run smoothly so start there. Don't be afraid.

2) Purge anything old, gross or expired. You're an expert purger at this point so quickly go through the items and decide what stays and what goes. Perhaps you want to chuck anything expired? That's generally a good rule to make sure medicines and products don't live permanently for years (without paying rent). 

3) Place the items that you use daily in the front and center. This'll help you create a morning flow and streamline your daily routine. Keep all the daily products on the most accessible shelf so you can go from one to the next, half asleep.

4) Categorize everything else! Yup, you got it. Like-items together just like always. Corral all first aid products together, place your various creams side-by-side get the gist. 

5) Keep smaller, loose items in a clear container. It's all about containing the smaller bits so they don't get lost or come tumbling down when you open the cabinet. Clear plastic containers are great for nail clippers, hair ties, or your cotton ball supply. 


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