Organize a Drawer: Day 1 of the Tidiness Challenge


Pick a drawer! Any drawer! 

Whether you go for your junk drawer, undies drawer or just any ol' drawer around your house, there are a few things to keep in mind during this drawer organizing challenge. Some basic rules that can apply to any drawer and give you a golden star to consider today's task *complete*. Because a single drawer can be your gateway to an entirely tidy space. 

1) Start by taking everything out. Everything. And then score some bonus points by wiping or vacuuming the empty drawer because, crumbs.

2) Chuck the items that you don't need! Anything broken, tattered, no longer desired, or grossly out of date (coupons, for example) get the boot today. Be ruthless - this isn't called a challenge for nothing!

3) Set aside anything that doesn't belong. Take a moment to decide what your chosen drawer is there for and what you want it to house. Don't get lazy and throw things back in if they don't belong. Everything has a home. A proper home.

4) Put the things that do belong back in. And do so with care because we always use care. If you're dealing with clothing, fold everything up. And always keep in mind that the things you use most often should be the most accessible.  

5) Use dividers or containers for extra umph. If you've got little items floating around your drawer and want to keep like-items together (you always want to keep like-items together), drawer dividers or old shoe boxes will do the trick and bring you to next level tidiness.


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