Clean Out Your Fridge: Day 2 of the Tidiness Challenge


What a fun one!

Depending on what's going on in there, this fridge cleaning challenge can range from life-changing to simply uplifting. Either way, cleaning out your fridge always feels good and will leave you smiling every time you go in there. That being said, squeeze this activity into your day. Your produce will thank you.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1) Throw away anything moldy, crusty, or expired. Because, eew. If you don't incorporate this task into your life from time-to-time, one thing can lead to another and you can be left with a smelly situation. Anything doubtful gets the boot today. When in doubt, throw it out!

2) Give a good scrub. Crumbs and spilled liquids are the reality of any fridge so a rubdown is a necessary part of the process. Take out any drawers or shelves to give everything the thorough attention it deserves. We want that sparkle!

3) Keep perishables most accessible. Produce, dairy products, and leftovers should be stored front and center in your fridge. If you let them fall to the back, they'll plummet down a black hole and you can surely say goodbye to them then (but only once they've sufficiently molded over and are gross to deal with). 

4) Sort by category. Your fridge is no exception to this keystone organizing rule. Whether you use small bins to help or not, keep like-items together and mentally create categories so your fridge stays tidy.

You're doing great and it's only day 2!

Tidy TovaComment