How to Make Your Apartment More Zen


When was the last time you got home and felt like you could really relaaaax in your space? You know, an evening when you didn't feel like there were 6,000 things to take care of and countless areas to clean. I hope it wasn't the first time you saw your home - when it was completely empty and the broker was trying to sell/rent it to you. You've been working hard to tidy up but maybe things can still be better. More zen but in an attainable, I-only-meditate-for-fifty-seconds-every-sixth-day-but-appreciate-a-mindful-lifestyle kinda way. You with me?

Now, I will say this until I'm blue in the face: you should feel AT HOME in your home and have a tight enough grip on your belongings and surroundings that they're not bogging you down. Gosh, I feel so strongly about this. So, if you're starting at the very beginning, that's awesome and you can read this to get a quick kickstart. But if you're looking for some next-level stuff, take a poke at these tips for Zen mastery (from a tidiness point of view):

1) Conquer the paper pile. I guarantee the mound of papers is a huge source of stress or maybe even the bane of your existence. Get rid of it! Firstly, recycle anything that you absolutely don't need (including those magazines you're convinced you'll read one day). Then, file important papers into a simple accordion folder. If there are items that still need attention, store them in a clear folder and get to it when you have some free time. 

2) Tidy up your bookshelf. If your shelves are starting to feel like clutter dumping grounds, give them some attention! Try to keep mostly books on those bookshelves and keep trinkety items (including picture frames) down to a minimum. While you're at it, dust the tops of the books because I can assure you they need it. 

3) Get matching hangers. I swear this will give your closets an instant zen-infused facelift. Opt for thin, no slip hangers for your clothing closets and thicker, wooden hangers for coats in the front closet. Less visual clutter means more happy faces. You won't regret it. 

4) Keep countertop items down to a minimum. The less you see, the less suffocated (and therefore more zen!) you'll feel. Start appreciating emptiness and wide open spaces - they're going to become your best friends. If your kitchen is overwhelmed by appliances and utensils, clear some closet or drawer space and put them behind closed doors. And if your dresser rattles every time you close its drawers, you probably have too many tchotchkes on the top of it. Say goodbye to the items that don't inspire you anymore. They're just trapping your flowing zen energy, man.

5) Assign a home to everything. The Power of Knowing Where Everything Goes can be the best way possible. Because that means that nothing is floating around aimlessly and desperately and tripping you up. So take time (lots of time if need-be) to create a proper resting place for anything that comes into your home. Bliss.  

Now go take a bath and light some candles. 

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