10 Organizing Hacks for People who Ain’t Got Time for That

Are you super busy with a little bit of everything and simply don't have the time to go on an organizing rampage? Or maybe organizing just doesn't get you excited (I can't relate) so you avoid it like a dark plague. Whatever the case, these quick and easy tips take minimal effort and time but make a big difference. So read them, stare at them, and DO THEM TOMORROW OR EVEN TODAY!

1) Move empty hangers to the front of your closet. When you take a garment off to wear, move the empty hanger to the front of your closet so you won't have to search for one when it comes time to put your clothing away. 

2) Make sure to keep drawers, closet doors, and cabinets closed. It may sound trivial but your space will look a whole lot tidier if the doors and drawers are closed and everything is tucked away. So get in the habit of shutting them before you head out!

3) Label the lids of your spices. To help you locate the right spices while you're cooking, write the name of each spice on the container's lid. Game changer.

4) Empty your pockets at the end of the day. Do this at the end of every day and it's guaranteed to make a difference! Throw away any trash, take out the items that you won't need the next day and set your wallet and keys in a specific place. You'll save searching time. 

5) Create a designated sentimental keepsake box. And use it! Corral any special paper items that you want to hold on to and store them in a special box. And if the box starts overflowing, create a one-in-one-out rule. A curated collection of sentiment is more special than endless sentiment.

6) Purge clothing as you fail to wear it. If you try to wear a piece of clothing and fail, say goodbye to it immediately! Keep a running donation bag in your front closet and drop it off when it gets full of those items that you try (and subsequently fail) to wear. 

7) Say "no" to unnecessary freebies. Stop collecting stuff that you don't need - it's creating a big mess in your life and ruining the flow of your home. Sometimes the magic word is "no." I'm looking at you, water bottle collection. 

8) Go paperless when you can. Less mail means fewer loose papers flying around your home. Sign up for paperless bills when you can and unsubscribe from magazines that you don't enjoy reading. Save a tree while you're at it.

9) Keep like-items together in bins. Whether it be your pantry, bathroom cabinets or garage, contain items that belong together. This way, if you need something specific, you know where to look and can sort through a bin instead of an entire room.

10) Wear a uniform. Keeping your clothing choices simple can cut down your morning routine big time. Stick to basics (black pants, anyone?) and wear them again and again (and again and again). 

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