5 Ways to Tidy While You Hibernate


Not sure about you, but ever since temperatures have sunk below 60 degrees, I've been wearing fuzzy slippers and oversized sweatshirts like it's my job. I still haven't figured out why everyone is expected to go about their lives in the winter as if it's the summer but until we turn into bears, it seems like there's no choice. But, maybe you spend less time out and about which means more time at home. And that means that tidy night and day activities are always on the list! Let's spend the rest of the winter having so much fun that we don't know the difference between hibernating and tidying, eh?

1) Edit your bathing suit collection. The winter is a great time to reflect on summer's fun, sunny times and consider which bathing suits didn't fancy you. It's time to let them go because they're not going to get more appealing come summer 2017.

2)  Invest in matching hangers. I'm telling you - this is a worthy investment. And there's no better snow activity than switching your messy, mixed up hangers out for cohesive, beautiful matching ones. Less visual clutter for the win.

3) Chuck expired beauty and toiletry products. Grab a garbage bag, head into your bathroom, and kiss crusty and old products goodbye. And those samples that you've been holding on to for months? Use them immediately (like, literally right now) or throw them away. 

4) Corral your sentimental keepsakes. Cold, winter nights are perfect for cuddling up with the mounds of sentiment that you've saved up. Grab an old box or buy a clear container and put the items that truly feel special inside. Consider letting go of the rest because you're not building a museum devoted to your past. 

5) Let go of unmatched socks. Today is the day that no single sock remains. Be brave and admit defeat. Throw all of the singletons into the fireplace if you have to. 


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