Stop Taking So Many Pictures


Remember the days of the disposable camera? Or camera film? I call those the glory days. You know why? Because we were more mindful of clicking on that capture button. Each moment deserved one picture and we couldn't instantly scrutinize the outcome, inevitably leading us to retake the picture. 

"Let's try again. I don't like the way my hands look." 

We thought harder about using up that film and the number of pictures we were taking at any given moment. Cameras on our phones are wonderful and digital technology is awesome. But let's try to stay mindful of the amount of pictures that we're all taking. After all, data can be clutter too.   

And when you're looking to fill mindless moments (*cough* toilet *cough*), browse through your pics and weed out the best ones in the series. Delete the rest and enjoy the best snapshot of the moment. The one where your hands look perfect and only one family member is blinking. Print the picture and stick it in an album one day. I dare you.