What's Your Manifesto?


Oh, oh, oh, manifesto!

There are tons of good manifestos out there (this and this, to name a few) to gain inspiration from, print out and worship, or just admire. But let's be honest, no manifesto (oh, oh) is perfectly suited to you. And you deserve the best. Always. So duh. Write your own!

Writing your own manifesto is an incredible way to hone in on your goals and life missions. It helps you figure out what you want and draws a clear picture of your aims and aspirations. Not only that, it also serves as a reference for those times that your brain gets hazy or you stop believing in yourself.

Starting my own business has been a roller coaster with great months and harder months. But I know my passion. I know my dream and BAM! I will get there. You, too, have goals. Whether they involve your career, relationships, parenthood, tidiness (hehem) or a little of each, you just have to work hard to reach them and remember that they exist. Cue: Write! Your own! Manifesto!

Don't get bogged down on what your manifesto needs to entail or the "rules" of writing one. Everything is open for interpretation (except taxes) so let that creative mind soar. I wrote mine a bit over a year ago in a time when I was feeling particularly powerful and clear-minded (it happens often, fortunately). I suggest writing your own when you're in a good mental place and feeling like the king of the world. Here's mine:

I believe in myself

I believe in my product

I know there is a market for my product

I know I can reach that market

I am the best me

No one else can do this like I can

I will work hard and I will be successful

The world will become a tidier place