Tips on Living in a Dark Room

When I moved to NYC two years ago, I started a new life. The life of a caveman. I've always loved waking up to the sun shining in my eyes or looking out the window and seeing the rain clouds. But living in Manhattan meant making a sacrifice and I moved into a room with no natural light. It was a tough adjustment but there are certainly benefits of waking up in the dark. Like taming your bed hair (in the dark) before anyone sees it. Or eagerly popping out of bed so you can see the light of day.

Here are a few ways that you can brighten up your dark room if you're a caveman like myself. For better or for worse, they don't involve building fires or hunting with bows and arrows. Sigh.

1) Dry some flowers. We can't maintain plants (damn you, photosynthesis!) but that doesn't mean we can't have flowers! Buy a bunch of robust flowers like roses or a more long-lasting variety like lavender. Tie the stems together and hang the bouquet upside down for two or three weeks. Viola! Dried flowers maintain their color and (often) smell and look lovely in a vase. Just like a real garden, eh?

2) Paint your walls white. White walls will brighten up the room and nicely reflect the light (coming from lightbulbs, obviously). If you're in a rental, think about getting white or light-colored sheets to give the room an overall brighter feel.

3) Lighten the clutter. Stuff and stuff and more stuff can make your room feel heavier and more cavernous. Let those negative spaces thrive and you will too.

4) Get a Happy Lamp.These lamps are designed to emit natural spectrum daylight. Unfortunately though, they don't give you a tan. But my oh my, they can bring a smile to your face. Just like Good Ol' Mr. Sun.