The Power of the Paper Clip

Sometimes it's the simpler things in life that can be so impactful. Like the letter 'e' or red pepper flakes. But today let's focus on paper clips. These bite-sized flexible metal scraps can create the difference between an unruly mess and an organized mecca. Let me go on. Take that pile of 'to-do' papers of yours. It's sitting there on your desk glaring at you and overwhelming you. So many things to take care of, eh? It's one big clumpy disaster. But now let's introduce paper clips into the picture. Divide those tasks and paper clip each job separately. This will create a collection of clearly divided goals. Have a few extra minutes? Grab one of the paper-clipped paper bundles and take care of the goal. You're more likely to accomplish an array of tasks in time if they are separated for you and therefore less intimidating.