Cleaning Supply List for Beginners

With a bit of inspiration from The Sound of Music, I'm going to start at the very beginning today. Doe - a deer, a female deer

If today is the day that you're going to get cleaning, let's make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies. After all, it's the biggest buzzkill to put those gloves on, get those inspiring tunes pumping, and then realize that you don't have glass spray. **Shudder** So here's a simple list of what you need in order to do a good, thorough cleaning:

- Glass Spray: Windex works best for a streak-free shine and I definitely recommend staying away from the generic brands.

- Multi-Purpose Spray: There are loads of different brands, scents, spray bottles and elixirs out there that can be used as a multi-purpose spray. Method and Lysol Lemon Breeze, to name a couple of my favorites.

- Rubber Gloves: Duh! Not only will you look like your best gal pal Tidy, you'll keep those hands clean and fingernails perfect.

- Paper towels/rags: I don't judge too much whether you decide to use rags or paper towels on your cleaning mission. Both have their benefits and both will get the job done.

- Broom and Dustpan/Vacuum: Call me old school, but I personally prefer a broom over a vacuum...unless, of course, we're dealing with carpet. If you're buying a broom today, test it out in the store. And definitely make sure that your new dustpan is a winner - it should be flush with ('marry,' if I may) the ground so all of the dirt will get scooped right up.

- Mop and Bucket: You can read my post on mops to decide which route you want to take here. And please note: I don't consider the Swiffer a mop (again, it's the traditionalist in me) but it will do the trick as well. Please also note that if you have wood floors, Murphy Oil mixed with water is the best combo.

- Wood Cleaner: If you have wood surfaces, Pledge is a great product to get them clean.

- Sponge with a scrubby back: This is imperative! You need need need a scrubby sponge if you're going to kill it on the courts today. Scotch Brite Scour Pads are awesome for getting that serious clean in your shower, bath, or on bathroom surfaces.

There ya have it. Now that you've got the A's and B's down, you're ready to get going. I'm so excited for you! This is going to BE SO FUN!